Game Abilities

These need to be re-worked into feats, class abilities, etc.

Adrenaline Burst (Aligned with Soldier, Vanguard)

  • Could work into something like an advanced “Second Wind.”
  • Might be able to recuperate VP based on level
  • Could recover one use of each “x/day”-type feats or abilities
  • Could remove some simpler status afflictions like Fatigued or Shaken
  • Could grant an additional action during the round (takes one Minor, grants one Standard)

AI Hacking (Aligned to Engineer)

  • Could use a Computer Use check to temporarily control an enemy synthetic or computerized system
  • Could apply a Confused effect to enemy synthetics/turrets
  • Could have same effect as a Diplomacy/Bluff/Intimidate check against synthetics/computers to improve attitudes, may be temporary

Assassination (Aligned with Soldier, Infiltrator [Sniper Rifle])

  • Try to steer clear of just “+x to attack/damage with Sniper Rifles”
  • Could give up additional attacks to add damage dice to first attack made during the round
  • Could add DEX or INT bonus to attack and/or damage rolls if the shooter take a full-round action to fire, or doesn’t move, or if only one shot is made
  • Could give up rounds of firing to add a cumulative bonus to attack/damage
  • Could temporarily ignore targets DEX bonus to defense or DR

Carnage (Aligned with Soldier, Vanguard [Shotgun])

  • Try to steer clear of just “+x to attack/damage with Shotguns”
  • Could x/day enable the shotgun to be fired like a cone attack, rolling against each enemy within range
  • Could add a Bull Rush effect to enemies that take WP damage from a shotgun blast
  • Could ignore DR of enemies hit with shotgun blast

Combat Drone (Aligned with Engineer)

  • Could function like a Summon Monster spell, bringing in a temporary ally that only lasts for a certain number of rounds, chosen from a list that gets stronger by level, and could include separate explosive, attack, stun, or distraction droids
  • Could have separate build or prestige classes that either develop the drone further or gain the ability to summon multiple drones, or keep them out longer
  • Could function similar to a Summoner, where the character designs his own combat drone, and different abilities or powers costs an amount of “AI points” that are gained each level
  • Should probably make a rule/function that characters that have a drone active cannot use AI hacking, due to limitations of Omni-tools (And because it would quickly get out of hand)

(Combat) Medicine (Aligned with Engineer, Sentinel)

  • Could allow character to 1/battle or x/day restore 1 WP or INT mod WP to an ally with Medi-gel as a full-round action (As opposed to VP)
  • Could reduce the action of using Medi-gel from a full-round to a standard action

Concussive Shot (Aligned to Soldier)

  • Could perform a ranged bull rush attack, converting damage dice to bonuses on the check
  • Could make it an AoE effect at range that deals some sonic damage with a chance of tripping

Cryo Blast (Like Incinerate, I’d rather make these equipment/feat-based instead of class-based)

Damping (Aligned with Engineers, Infiltrators)

  • Could incur an attack/defense/save penalty on all synthetics and biotics in an area centered on user for x rounds
  • Could be used as a ‘counter-spell’ against enemy tech abilities
  • Could put a very slow DOT to shields and VP of characters with biotic implants within range
  • Could give penalties to attacking the user to any synthetic/biotic opponents temporarily

Immunity (Aligned with Soldier, Infiltrator)

  • Could allow Damage Reduction to apply even to attacks that damage VP
  • Could convert a critical hit into a normal VP hit, maybe x/battle or x/day
  • Could reduce all damage taken (VP/WP) by your CON modifier for a set amount of turns

Incinerate (Like Cryo Blast, I’d rather make these equipment/feat-based instead of class-based)

Marksman (Aligned with Soldier, Vanguard, Infiltrator, Engineer, and Adept [Pistol])

  • Try to steer clear of just “+x to attack/damage with pistols”
  • Could allow each shot for the round to roll twice for attack and keep the better one
  • Could temporarily increase the critical threat range of a pistol
  • Could function like an inverse Power Attack; user could take a penalty to damage to add to attack bonus
  • Could do damage to WP, disregarding DR, equal to the number of damage dice for the pistol, maybe +DEX or +INT

Neural Shock (Aligned with Engineers, Sentinels)

  • Might require a number of ranks in Use Medicine
  • Could function like a ranged ‘Stunning Fist’ attack, essentially INT mod or X/day, can announce before an attack to stun/dazzle enemy for x rounds instead of deal damage
  • Could give a bonus to damage when dealing Nonlethal damage
  • Could be usable only with an Omni-tool instead of with a weapon (would make more sense)
  • Could just give Stunning Fist attack, only usable with melee attacks (Maybe with Biotics for Sentinel or Omni-tool for Engineer?)
  • Could add bonus to confirming critical hits due to anatomy knowledge

Overkill (Aligned with Soldiers [Assault Rifle])

  • Try to steer clear of just “+x to attack/damage with assault rifles”
  • Could temporarily reduce attack penalty while firing in Autofire or Multifire mode
  • Could add one additional attack per round when firing an AR in Multifire, two in Autofire, by taking an additional -2 penalty to attacks and -2 Defense, x/day

Overload (Aligned with Engineer, Infiltrator, Sentinel)

  • Could be more Compute Use-based, whereas Sabotage would be more Mechanics-based
  • Could make a Computer Use check to either disable shields or do shield-only damage to enemies in an area at range
  • Could do damage that only affects shields, synthetics, or computerized/electronic items
  • Could apply a temporary stun/dazzle/blind/confused effect on any un-shielded synthetics
  • Could temporarily prevent shield regen for affected opponents

Sabotage (Aligned with Engineer, Sentinel, Infiltrator)

  • Could allow for a Sunder-type attack at range using the Omni-tool
  • Could use Computer Use or Mechanics instead of an attack roll to Sunder or Disarm at range
  • Could either permanently damage/detonate some items or temporarily overheat/render unusable weapons
  • Could actually overheat weapons, causing damage if opponents don’t drop them
  • Could factor in some kind of damage effect, like Alchemist’s Bomb class feature

Shield Boost (Aligned with all classes)

  • Could vary in effect/strength based on armor type
  • Could x/day recover X shield points
  • Could add a static bonus to max shield
  • Could add a static bonus to natural shield regen rate, or lower turns before regen kicks in
  • Could use a minor action to make a Mechanics/Computer Use check to restore an amount of shield points
  • Could increase the efficiency of shield points temporarily (1 SP blocks 2 damage, etc.

Tactical Cloak (Aligned with Infiltrator)

  • Should function very similarly to an Invisible spell, breaking when the character takes any kind of offensive action
  • Feats or class abilities may extend duration, reduce the action required to enter cloaking from a standard action to a minor, may allow for some types of actions to be taken without removing the cloak
  • Should allow the cloaked character to perform a Sneak Attack, if they possess the class ability
  • Could take up a lot of processing power of the Omni-tool, preventing its use for other powers while cloaked, unless allowed by a special tool or ability

Tech Armor (Aligned with Sentinel)

  • Could be an x/day or x/battle ability to add a number of temporary shield points
  • When shields are depleted while this ability is active, an energy blast is emitted from the user. This could function similar to a Channel Energy effect, primarily in that it can be used to either damage enemies or to heal allies (though it shouldn’t do real healing, but instead maybe replenish shield points or give a temporary tech bonus to attacks/damage
  • Should be able to be specialized to either damage, knockback, stun, etc.
  • Should offer a Reflex save for partial damage
  • Could, instead of giving bonus shield points, give a temporary deflection bonus to defense, which is lost when the armor detonates

Game Abilities

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