Campaign Skills

Primary Skills

  • Acrobatics [DEX] (Tumble, Balance, Escape Artist, Fly)
  • Athletics [STR] (Swim, Climb, Jump)
  • Biotics [WIS for Vanguards, INT for Sentinels, CHA for Adepts]
  • Computer Use [INT] (Damping, Decryption, Hacking, Investigate)
  • Deception [CHA] (Bluff, Disguise, Gamble)
  • Insight [WIS] (Gather Information, Sense Motive, Survival)
  • Mechanics [INT] (Repair, Demolitions, Disable Device)
  • Perception [WIS] (Spot, Search, Listen)
  • Persuasion [CHA] (Diplomacy, Intimidate, Handle Animal)
  • Pilot [DEX] (Ride, Drive)
  • Stealth [DEX] (Hide, Move Silently, Sleight of Hand)
  • Use Medicine [WIS] (First Aid)

Support Skills

  • Craft [INT]
  • Knowledge [INT]
  • Perform [CHA]
  • Profession [WIS]

Knowledge Topics:

  • Culture (Trends, Art styles, Popular vids/games/books, current events, xenolinguistics)
  • Biology (Animals, Plants, Evolution science, Biotics)
  • Technology (Electronics, Vehicles, Weapons, Armors, Ships, Systems)
  • Science & Physics (Element Zero, Quantum mechanics, Chemistry, Terraforming)
  • History (Species origins, Protheans, Archaeology, Legends, Wars, Great discoveries)
  • Cartography (Maps, Astronomy, Geography, Empire borders)
  • Civics (Government figures, Laws, Business, Traditions, Citadel regulations)
  • Theology & Philosophy (Metaphysics, Behavioral sciences, Beliefs, Morality)

Campaign Skills

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