Biotic Abilities

General Abilities

  • Barrier: Creates a mass effect field to function as a kinetic barrier. Does not block physical attacks.
  • Lift: Lifts enemies or objects into the air.
  • Stasis: Freezes an opponent in place, keeping them from acting, but protecting them from harm. Ignores shields/barriers.
  • Throw: Launches a mass effect field of pure force at the enemy, knocking them backwards.
  • Warp: Tears apart the target at the molecular level with randomly changing mass effect fields. Does low, consistent damage to the target, while also removing armor and barriers. Does not affect shields or shielded targets.

Adept-Only Abilities

  • Singularity: Creates a micro-black hole that draws enemies into helpless orbit. Does not do damage, but will tear away at shields and barriers.
  • Shockwave: Sends out waves of kinetic blasts in one direction, forcibly knocking enemies back in an narrow arc.

Vanguard-Only Abilities

  • Charge: Launches yourself towards and enemy, knocking him (and perhaps others nearby) back, regardless of mass.
  • Nova: Uses energy from a biotic Barrier to knock back all nearby enemies.

Sentinel-Only Abilities

  • Defender: Uses biotic energy to restore Barrier integrity.
  • Reactive Barrier?

Biotic Abilities

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